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Pommelier Club

Why the Pommelier Club exists:
We believe that 
Cider is having a renaissance, regaining some of it's once held glory as the "Native English Wine". Spearheaded by some uniquely talented cider makers, who are redefining what cider is thought to be; it's a wonderful emerging world of styles, regions, traditions, experimentation, & apple varieties understood with the same depth that grapes are. Such a depthful & new thing is not always easy to explore, & where to start can be the hardest part; so we created the Pommelier Club 

What it is:
The Pommelier Club is a bi-montly subscription service that makes it easy for you to discover this world for yourself. Far more than just a few bottles in the post: it will give you an insight like no other, into the best makers, the best bottles, & the future of cider as it is being formed.

Wonderful film footage above shot at Tillingham Wines (where Starvecrow Cider is made) by film makers Josh Hughes & Roarke

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First things first, are you of legal drinking age?

No, but I'm working on it