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Why the Pommelier Club exists:
We believe that Cider is having a renaissance, regaining some of it's once held glory as the "Native English Wine". Spearheaded by some uniquely talented cider makers, who are redefining what cider is thought to be; it's a wonderful emerging world of styles, regions, traditions, experimentation, & apple varieties understood with the same depth that grapes are. Such a depthful & new thing is not always easy to explore, & where to start can be the hardest part; so we created the Pommelier Club.

What it is:
The Pommelier Club is a subscription service that makes it easy for you to discover this world for yourself. The best makers and the best bottles sent to you every two months.

Far more than just a few bottles in the post:

(1) Experience the most interesting ciders and perries from the best makers, at your door every 2 months.
(2) Tasting notes & tech sheets with each of the bottles
(3) A members card entitles you to discounts on the Fine Cider Online Store and at the London Cider House in Borough Market.
(4) Access to a series of articles explaining the fundamentals of Fine Cider.
(5) £10 Online Store Credit With the Fine Cider Company upon joining the club.

What is the Fundamentals Bottle set?

If you'd like to dip your toes, test the water, before subscribing we highly recommend a one-off purchase of our Fundamentals of Fine Cider Set; it'll give you a taste of what to expect, but also an understanding into cider like this, through a wonderful collection of online articles that distil much of our knowledge of Fine Cider; such as how it's made, varieties of apple, styles, and much more, all in bite-sized chunks. By the end, you'll no doubt have a fuller appreciation of Fine Cider & Perry and if you like what you taste, the Pommelier Club subscription is ready and waiting you for!

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