Pommelier Club Subscription

The Fine Cider Company Pommelier Club Subscription

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How it works:


Every two months you’ll receive either 3 or 6 intriguing & wonderful different bottles of fine cider or perry. Each 750ml bottle is perfect for enjoying yourself, pairing with food, or sharing with friends, but you'll also gain access to a growing library of articles, podcasts, & content about cider; all of the best things to see, read & learn, in one place. You'll receive videos, images & explanations from the makers themselves, giving you a rare insight into the people, places & ways of this world.


Delivery is free in the UK, with additional delivery charges for Northern Ireland & remote areas (we cannot ship internationally). After the first bottles are delivered to you in mid-late July, you will receive your next delivery in mid-late September, then November, & so on. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your membership at any time before the bi-monthly billing date, from your online account.


What are the first bottles:

To kick things off for your first delivery we have an exclusive set of bottles from the wonderful Tom Oliver of Oliver's Cider & Perry; Tom went around his amazing barrel rooms, which feature over 100 barrels of former uses (including Chianti, Calvados and Islay Whiskey among others), & selected 6 of his absolute favourites! It's an incredible set of bottles...!


Note: make sure to order by midnight the 3rd of August, to get the first subscription bottles - the Oliver's Barrel Room Series - after which, your first bottles will be October set!

First things first, are you of legal drinking age?

No, but I'm working on it