What is a Pommelier?

And why do we have 'The Pommelier Club'? Well, a pommelier is for cider what a sommelier is for wine: a sommelier is a "steward of wine" you'll usually find them in restaurants, and they will choose the wine list, help customers choose a wine they like and pair it to the food they're eating. They must hold an in-depth understanding of wine, and need to because there is much to know about wine and so many wines in the world to choose between! The same is true for cider, and the role of the pommelier is in itself a reflection of the similarities that wine and cider at their peak can hold.

It's a never-ending task, as each season new ciders arrive (some slightly different to the previous vintage, others entirely new) and new makers take their seat at the table! So if you want to get a feel what it is like being a pommelier, to get a selection of the best bottles delivered to you every two months, or simply like what you've tasted from us & want more such wonderful ciders & perries then why not join the Pommelier Club subscription club. It's a way to dive into some of the real depths of fine cider every two months, and depending on what you choose you'll receive either 3 or 6 of the most interesting bottles we can find! Join the club today and get £5 off your first set of bottles.

First things first, are you of legal drinking age?

No, but I'm working on it